Video upload by Simone Giertz


I just bought the most ridiculous car
I'M OBSESSED WITH MY ELECTRIC COMUTA CAR. All I want is to work on her. I didn't know I liked cars. Nobody has told me that I like cars. But I think I might be a budding gear head. places...
SO HANDY! If you're here for the first time: hi. I like your shirt. I bet your shirt would like me too if it just got to meet me. Wait did we get off to a weird start? At least I tried. I...
A robot that serves beer for you
I made a beer robot. Do it, it'll be fun, the dark parts of my brain said. My whole house now REEKS of beer. I reek of beer. I'm not sure it's ever going to wash out. Is this life now? Simone,...

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