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Honest Trailers - The Mummy (2017) 04:47
Honest Trailers - It (2017) 05:13
Honest Trailers - It (2017)
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This episode was brought to you by TurboTax. There’s nothing to be afraid of. http://intuit.me/1eCMlVs The Movie that ruined every real life clown's career - It...
Honest Trailers - Justice League 06:34
Honest Trailers - Justice League
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Somewhere between the awful Suicide Squad and the really good Wonder Woman, there's a movie that is determined to be right in the middle -...
Honest Trailers - Ghost In The Shell (2017) 04:09
Honest Trailers - Ghost In The Shell (2017)
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Step in to the glossy Hollywood remake of a beloved 1995 Anime movie that goes about as well as you would think - Ghost In...
Honest Trailers - Kingsman: The Secret Service 04:18
Honest Trailers - Kingsman: The Secret Service
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We'll be at Chicago Comic Con this week, come say Hi! ►► http://brk.cm/1JbEgIY From not Guy Ritchie, comes the James Bond-ish spy comedy that caught...
Honest Trailers - Wonder Woman 05:42
Honest Trailers - Wonder Woman
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Thanks again to M&M’s Caramel Chocolate Candies for sponsoring today’s episode. Learn more - http://bit.ly/MMs_Caramel If we're being Honest there's no way this trailer pleases all...
Honest Trailers - Power Rangers (2017) 04:08
Honest Trailers - Power Rangers (2017)
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From the studio that could really use a new franchise, comes a reboot that asks, "What if we took the Power Rangers....seriously?" - POWER RANGERS...
Honest Trailers - Kong: Skull Island w/ Jordan Vogt-Roberts 06:29
Honest Trailers - Kong: Skull Island w/ Jordan Vogt-Roberts
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Enjoy an Honest Trailer so Honest that we're not even the most Honest ones in it - Kong: Skull Island Special thanks to Jordan Vogt-Roberts Check out...
Honest Trailers - Guardians of the Galaxy 2 05:56
Honest Trailers - Guardians of the Galaxy 2
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Marvel brings us a follow up to the original box office smash with more laughs and more dads! -- Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Got...
Honest Trailers - Alien: Covenant 05:29
Honest Trailers - Alien: Covenant
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Return to space for the movie that made the Alien franchise officially have more bad movies than good - Alien Covenant! Got a tip? Email...
Honest Trailers - Spider-Man: Homecoming 04:47
Honest Trailers - Spider-Man: Homecoming
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It's your friendly neighborhood reboot! Move over Uncle Ben, Uncle Tony's in charge now! It's Spider-Man: Homecoming! Watch the Honest Trailer Commentaries for this trailer to...
Honest Trailers - Get Out 04:30
Honest Trailers - Get Out
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This episode was brought to you by TurboTax. There’s nothing to be afraid of. http://intuit.me/1eCMlVs The movie that proves that an Honest Trailer automatically gets you...
Honest Trailers - John Wick 04:30
Honest Trailers - John Wick
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Check out our HONEST INTERVIEW with Keanu Reeves ►► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t54pRv4PwMk You killed his dog. You stole his car. He kicked a whole lot of ass -John...
Honest Trailers - Doctor Strange 05:30
Honest Trailers - Doctor Strange
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Sponsored by PlayStation™Vue – a new live TV service with no annual contract, surprise fees and awesome Cloud DVR. Start your free trial: http://bit.ly/29V6sX1...
Honest Trailers - Deadpool (Feat. Deadpool) 05:32
Honest Trailers - Deadpool (Feat. Deadpool)
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We got Tim Miller (director), Rob Liefeld (creator), and Stefan Kapici (Colossus) to react to this trailer LIVE in front of a studio audience. Watch:...
Honest Trailers - Catwoman 04:42
Honest Trailers - Catwoman
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Before you see Wonder Woman, revisit the movie that set the bar for women-lead-superhero movies ridiculously, ridiculously low - CATWOMAN! Got a tip? Email us...
Honest Trailers - Fate of The Furious 05:29
Honest Trailers - Fate of The Furious
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Watch the latest combination of F words and numbers take on all the things you've come to expect from the franchise - cars, butts, and...
Honest Trailers - The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift 04:34
Honest Trailers - The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
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Return to the dark pre-Rock period of Fast and Furious where someone manages to be a worse actor than Vin Diesel - Fast and the...
Honest Trailers - The Blade Trilogy 04:40
Honest Trailers - The Blade Trilogy
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In a time before Black Panther when Marvel movies were direct to video flops, unreleased cult films, and whatever Howard the Duck was….the best and...
Honest Trailers - Suicide Squad 06:17
Honest Trailers - Suicide Squad
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Want to see more Suicide Squad? Check out our extended version of this honest trailer here ►►http://sj.plus/HTE_SuicideSquad Gear up with the movie we all thought would...
Honest Trailers - Beauty and The Beast (2017) 04:02
Honest Trailers - Beauty and The Beast (2017)
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Settle in for the reboot of the Disney classic that uses super hot celebrities to teach you that inner beauty is all that matters -...
Honest Trailers - Warcraft (Feat. MatPat of Game Theory) 05:24
Honest Trailers - Warcraft (Feat. MatPat of Game Theory)
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Don't miss out on our brand new show Pitch Off with Doug Benson! Sign up for ScreenJunkies Plus now! ►► http://sj.plus/PitchOff Dive into the video game...
Honest Trailers - Transformers: The Last Knight 05:17
Honest Trailers - Transformers: The Last Knight
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Because we live in the darkest timeline, prepare for another Transformers movie that's mostly about the humans - it's Transformers: The Last Knight Watch the Honest...
The Mummy (2017) - Nostalgia Critic 26:12
The Mummy (2017) - Nostalgia Critic
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The Angry Video Game Nerd joins Nostalgia Critic in looking at one of the most botched horror remakes. Monster Madness continues! Support this weeks...
Honest Trailers - Pirates of the Caribbean 04:41
Honest Trailers - Pirates of the Caribbean
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Screen Junkies approved! Watch feature-length movies for free on Break ►► http://brk.cm/MoviesonBreak Become a Screen Junkie! ►► http://bit.ly/sjsubscr Watch more Honest Trailers ►► http://bit.ly/HonestTrailerPlaylist Yo ho, yo ho,...
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Tom Cruise can bring himself back to life, but can he revive the Dark Universe? - The Mummy

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